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Tips for Choosing Security Doors

Nothing beats the feeling of fresh breeze into your living room on that summer evening. However, long gone are the days when you could leave your doors open or unlocked as times have really changed to bad.

Robberies, burglaries, and intrusions have increased rampantly, and hence there’s more need than ever to install highly secure doors. Installing a security door may help you reap both physical as well as psychological benefits. However, choosing a quality security door can be daunting more than you can think. Check out the Alu Gard Edge products available for more information on some of the best materials used to make security doors. To help you have a solid understanding of going down this path, here are some of the tips to help you choose well;

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Reputable Security Door Company

You should take your time to choose the security door by looking at the best company that follows the standards required. The brand has to be proud of displaying their logo; besides, you can read reviews to ascertain the reputation of the company.

Construction Material

You should ensure that the material used to construct the door has to be a solid material, be it be fiberglass, wood, or metal. Moreover, it has to depend on the purpose of the door. Undoubtedly, steel is more robust than aluminium, and therefore, if strength is all you want, then steel has to be your priority.

Handles & Locks

A good security door must have the best handles as well as locks as one of the significant components. Therefore, ensure that you choose a supplier offering products with locks that are made from quality brands. In case you’re not sure about the brand quality, ensure that the door has a quality warranty.


Moreover, it’s best to go for a security door that has mortice locks instead of the surface-mounted ones. The lock’s body should be inside a lockbox or the door’s framework to ensure that it won’t be taken down easily by smashing with a hammer.


What also determines whether a security door will perform well is whether it’s installed properly. A security door that’s not installed correctly will be of no use. Ensure that you get a security door that you’ll be comfortable installing, or you get a professional do the installation for you.


Ensure that you choose a look and design that speak of your preference and unique style. When people visit your home, the door is the first element to be seen and will communicate your lifestyle as well as personality. You can make a statement straight away by choosing only a security door that’s well-designed.

Always remember also to consider the cost of the security, but you should never forget that fact that cheap is expensive sometimes, and that you’ll always get what you pay for.